Celebrating Ten Years…Where We Are Going From Here.

CAYC 2017 Will Be Our Tenth Camp

CAYC 2017 will be our tenth year of camp! In 2007, Elaine expressed a desire to have a camp that all kids could attend, regardless of their situation or ability to pay. When we started Central Arkansas Youth Camp, we could not have imagined the growth that would occur over the next nine years. In July 2008, we had four cabin counselors, yes; it was us, the four founders of CAYC. We had 34 kids and many people who came alongside to help. Last year, we had over 75 volunteers, and 172 campers! As the number of campers and staff has gone up, so has the financial cost. Still, we manage to keep the cost at $140.00/camper.


Each year, we are surprised by the unique ways that God has provided funds to pay for camp. All of the people who make camp possible are unpaid volunteers, including the Founders and Directors: Jeremy & Elaine Holmes, and John & Lori Cunningham. The various costs of camp are the campground rental, games equipment, food and supplies, t-shirts and administrative supplies.  We founded camp with a core philosophy of being Christ-like and some basic principles: Never let money stand in the way of a child coming to camp (we do not charge), to care for the children that come to camp by meeting them where they are, and holding all volunteer staff (including each other) to very high standards.
This year we realized that we needed to incorporate. Our first attempt failed as the name "Central Arkansas Youth Camp" was too similar to another organization and could not be used. We talked at length and realized we need to do the next thing to get us where we want to go. That gets us Farther Along. We decided to go with Farther Along Ministries Inc. We are now incorporated and all donations and gifts are tax deductible.

CAYC will remain Central Arkansas Youth Camp and will continue to provide Camp free of charge as long as God provides the funds (as he has faithfully done through people like you!). We now have registration forms, as well as other content and information posted on the website. Thank you for bearing with us. We are having to learn how to be website designers, so this has been quite a journey.

Jeremy, Elaine, Lori, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about CAYC (Farther Along Ministries Inc). While we did start Central Arkansas Youth Camp, we do not view it as our own. We believe camp belongs entirely and completely to God. We prayerfully bend our will to His. We have invested our time and resources that He may accomplish His good and perfect will in the lives of every camper and every volunteer that is a part of this amazing ministry. We ask that you come alongside to make a true difference in the lives of so many kids, who might otherwise lose hope without you. Help us show this next generation the power of a living God.

You can visit the website HERE for more information.

You may make a DONATION HERE.

See you at Camp!!!

Your Central Arkansas Youth Camp Directors:
Jeremy and Elaine,
John and Lori

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