About CAYC

Mission Statement: 

The mission of Central Arkansas Youth Camp is to provide an environment that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe so that children and adults alike can hear the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, can grow in their faith, and exercise their unique spiritual gifts.

What is CAYC?

Central Arkansas Youth Camp is a one week, Christ focused, overnight, summer camp for youth ages 9-18. The primary purpose is to give kids the opportunity to spend a week away from everyday life in order to focus on the most important aspect of life. We use class time, team games, directed activities and individual mentoring to give the gospel of Jesus Christ, to build one another up in the faith and to instruct one another in the Word of God.

Back in 2007, Elaine Holmes told us that she wanted to see a summer camp that would bless youth who might not otherwise ever have that kind of experience. CAYC started in 2008. In our first camp we had 34 campers and 8 staff members. By 2016 we grew to 172 campers and nearly a hundred volunteers. Our most compelling desire is to make camp available for all kids free of charge. No one need pay for camp if they do not have the resources. We want to ensure that all kids, churched or un-churched, are able to come to camp without obligation.

Camp is held at Camp Beaverfork just North of Conway, Arkansas and is usually in the second full week of July. CAYC is Non-denominational. The staff is made up of unpaid volunteers who gladly give of their time and resources in order to give a child hope and encouragement.  Financial support consists of DONATIONS from individuals like you.

We hope you take the opportunity to pause for a moment and see what Central Arkansas Youth Camp can do in the life of a child. Today’s kids are growing up in a different world than we did. We believe our youth need a solid foundation on which to build a strong future. We believe there is no other foundation on which to build but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We invite you to come alongside in whatever way God leads you.

Who Can Attend?

Any child, age 9-17, for whom a registration form is completed, and whose parent or guardian signs the necessary releases, is welcome to attend Central Arkansas Youth Camp.  Adults who wish to serve as staff or helpers must fill out a staff application and give ample time for references to be checked.

What Is the Cost?

The staff of CAYC never want a lack of money to keep a child from coming to camp. We will never make money an issue with regard to camp attendance. As we have freely received we freely give. Camp does cost money, however, and your prayers, time and financial gifts will make it possible to continue to provide these precious ones with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The cost of sending a child to camp varies somewhat based on a variety of factors: the number of kids attending camp, yearly price increases of room and board etc. We do think we will be able to keep costs down to about $140.00 per camper. This includes staff, so if we have 220 campers and staff, camp will cost around $30,000.00.

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